My mother-in-law and father-in-law are a very loving couple. My mother-in-law is a stingy woman who likes to be the center of attention. I like them very much and am happy to see from the outside that there is love between them regardless of age. It’s true that sometimes their behavior can be strange. The only problem is that it is right to live separately, they should enjoy life for themselves, and we should not be ashamed. They are very considerate of each other and go anywhere with each other. A very good real family.

That day my husband walked into the house, and he saw my mother-in-law fixing my father-in-law’s eyebrows.
He asked what she was doing, she said she wanted his father to look beautiful. My husband was annoyed. That’s when I intervened, I said that the man just wants to look neat, and that’s a very good thing. I also told my husband not to be sad, they love each other, and I was glad they were so considerate of each other instead of upset.

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