For some reason, people have a bad habit of judging others for how they look instead of who they are. During an episode of “The X Factor” that aired in 2018, Simon Cowell appeared to assume that a Welsh farmer would be a horrible singer due to the fact that she looked like she was from the countryside.

The judges and the people in the audience were taken aback when she opened her mouth to sing.

The incredible version of “You’re My World” by Cilla Black that Jacqueline Faye gave in 2018 catapulted her to fame, despite the fact that she now lives on a farm in Oxfordshire, England. Jacqueline Faye is originally from Wales.

When Faye took the stage, she seemed shy and anxious right from the start. As soon as she started singing, everyone was taken aback by her performance. However, before she began to sing, she shared her background and experiences with the judges.

She has several horses, ducks, and chickens as neighbors on the farm where she lives. Several of the judges laughed out loud when Faye mentioned her history in farming while she was speaking. It was revealed that Faye will be the one to get the last laugh.

A Farmer Becomes A Legend

Despite the fact that Cowell has a reputation for being tough, he was at a loss for anything negative to say about Faye’s performance. When Faye initially appeared on stage, he said that he assumed she must have mistaken the play she was in for another one.

As soon as she started singing, he was able to immediately recognize how talented she was. Louis Tomlinson joined the conversation to comment on how incredible her performance was.

If one were to judge Faye’s performance by it, one may conclude that she has the potential for a successful career in music, should she choose to abandon farming.

However, after doing research into Faye’s background, it was discovered that she had previously had a music career of her own, although a brief one that was remarkable nonetheless. According to Wales Online, Faye began her career as a performer when she was a young lady and worked in men’s clubs in the city of Port Talbot in Wales. As a result of a strike by steelworkers in the industrial town, many of the male residents chose to spend their time attending social clubs rather than going to work

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