My daughter was very cruel to her child. In order to arrange her life, she left her child and went to get married. He married in the UK. From the beginning, she said, “Mom, let me go, after a few months I will come and take my child,” but she left and did not come back for years. This child doesn’t even remember her mother, she never ever wanted to talk to her on the phone.

She accepted me as a mother, I rose her as my own child, and I did everything for her. A few days ago my daughter came from the UK. The child was stressed when she saw her mother, she didn’t want even to go and stand near her.

I don’t blame my granddaughter, my daughter did nothing as a mother to get the child’s love. My daughter was crying, asking her to let to hug her, but she didn’t let me. My daughter thinks that I made the child like that, but how can I take my daughter’s child away from her? This child has not seen her mother since the day she was born, that’s how it should be.

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