Loretta Swit decided she did not want children or marriage early on in her life.

The actress just celebrated her 85th birthday and continues to live life to the fullest.
Swit’s co-stars from “Mash” are her chosen family.
Loretta Swit is a renowned actress known for her famous role in the Emmy award-winning series “Mash.” The blond bubbly US Army nurse Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan was an attention-grabbing character who taught Swit much about feminism.

Margret “Hot Lips” was a highly sexualized character that wore tight pants and skin-tight t-shirts, but as Swit got more comfortable with the character, she started encouraging the producers to give her more empowering lines.

Decades after the show ended, Swit still advocates for veterans in service and highlights some unknown things that happened to people during the war.

The actress narrated a documentary film, “Never the Same,” about the lives of British and American prisoners during the second world war.

While Swit learned a lot from playing her “Mash” character, she revealed she and Margret could not have been more different. Her character was about getting married and having a family, but she never even saw that for her future.

Swit said she dated around at the time, but it was never serious; she enjoyed living her best bachelor woman’s life. The actress told People she was not interested in marriage and was content with having a thriving career and her friends and family around her.

The “Cagney & Lacey” credited her co-star Alan Alda for helping her eliminate the guilt of not wanting to have children. Swit praised Alda for having a deep and thoughtful understanding of women. However, at 42 years old, Swit tied the knot with actor Dennis Holahan, but they divorced in 1995 after 12 years of marriage.

Swit admitted that she might not have been ready to get married. But without getting into what led to her divorce, Swit said a relationship takes two people to make it special and left it at that.

The actress just celebrated her 85th birthday and continues to live her life to the fullest, doing things that make her feel happy and fulfilled.

Swit has many accolades under her belt, and not only does she capture her audience on the screen, but her theatre performances are also as moving.

The actress has been vocal about only ever wanting anything but an actor growing up, but with a vastly successful career, Swit has also ventured into other causes close to her heart.

The performer is also a long-time animal activist; even in her advocacy, Swit remains devoted to the cause. The actress has won multiple awards for her hard work in fighting for animal rights.

Swit also founded an organization called SwitHeart Animal Alliance which collaborates with other nonprofits and programs to save the lives of domestic, domestic, wild, native, and farm animals.

The actress also used art to advocate for animal rights and published a book titled, “SwitHeart: The Watercolour Artistry & Animal Activism of Loretta Swit.” The book bursts with artistic expression and includes 65 color paintings and 22 photographs.

Swit put immense effort into promoting the book, and according to Broadway World, it has had two printing runs, and all the proceeds will be donated to different animal charities.

Besides her love for animals, Swit also respects the heroes of our society that step up in times of crisis. During the peak of the Coronavirus outbreak, Swit spoke to Fox News to raise awareness for the caregivers and volunteers who she said were “our heartbeats” in that tough time.

Additionally, Swit worked at Ground Zero after September 11, which only made her love New York city more. The actress was amazed at how connected communities were at the time.

Swit recalled bringing coffee and food, geared up with gas masks, and everyone working hours on end to save New York. She said, “I believe in our goodness. I believe that goodness is the most powerful force in the world.”

“Mash” ran for eleven years before it ended in 1983, and to many fans’ surprise, the cast still has a strong relationship. Fox News asked Swit if she ever spends time with her co-stars, and she said they are inseparable. The actress gets shocked at the question because they are always around each other.

The “Mash” cast has become a significant part of Swit’s chosen family. The actress even credits her career to her experiences with them.

So the actress made it clear that she is not just acquainted with her former co-stars but is “joined at the hip.” She said, “This is my family… So much of my life can be credited to my family.”

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