When Kevin met Kim, it was love at first sight. Kevin was in a wheelchair, having been stricken with a severe nerve disorder at a very young age. And he lost his legs. But Kim looked past the wheelchair… far past it. For her, it wasn’t the chair that defined Kevin. It was his heart. And his heart, she said, more than made up for any limbs. So after courting for a few months, Kevin and Kim decided to tie the knot.


During the wedding, as Kim started walking down the aisle, Kevin had quite a surprise for her. He had secretly been taking therapy sessions to get his legs in shape and started using prosthetics.

So as Kim walked toward him, all their friends and relatives stood up. And Kevin, too, slowly stood up and walked to her to meet her halfway. And tears could not help but pour from his bride’s eyes. She was stunned by her groom’s actions and, at this point, there was not a dry eye in the house.


It was a very touching moment, as all the guests clapped while rubbing at their eyes. Kevin wanted his bride to have the best day possible. And he definitely achieved that. 

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