When it comes to our pets, we can all develop a really special bond with them. And police officers also have a special bond with their K9 partners. And when you’re done with a job, it doesn’t necessarily mean that things are over.

Faust, a German Shepherd police dog, responded to many, many calls with its partner during 8 years with the Explosive Detection and Patrol Department in Texas. And his owner and partner, Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, sure did love him. Together, they won second place in obedience at the National Railway Police K-9 Trials. And on so many calls throughout the years, Schaffer trusted Faust with his life.

Facebook/Bryan Schaffer

But after eight good years on the force, it was time for Faust to retire. And on his last day, Schaffer wanted to give his friend a nice sendoff into retirement. So after their shift, as the two settled into their vehicle like they always did, a crackle came over the police radio, and Faust’s ears perked up.

YouTube/BNSF Railway

Then the dispatcher said: “Faust has just completed his last shift as an explosive detection and police service K-9 after eight years and one day, and he is now officially retired. Faust, thank you for your service.”

It was a very emotional moment for the officer.

Later that night, Schaffer posted this on his Facebook page: “Faust, thank you for all the good you have done for the BNSF and other agencies – but mostly I thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift.”

Facebook/Bryan Schaffer

And right after Faust’s retirement, Schaffer adopted him. The two now will never be apart. 

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