How attentive are you to the individuals around you? Would you recognize if somebody was on the edge of having a seizure? 

Rebecca Montano was working as a shop clerk at Alta Convenience Store in Arvada, Colorado when this same situation unfolded in front of her eyes. Rebecca was working behind the counter when a young mom with her baby daughter approached. 


Rebecca struck up a conversation with the young woman who was buying a bottle of Coke. She began making the typical amusing expressions toward the infant in an attempt to elicit a reaction from her. However, when she stood across the desk from the mom and her infant, something looked odd. The young woman’s eyes drifted away as she stared off into the horizon. She began to waver unsteadily on her feet. 


Rebecca is immediately disturbed by the woman’s rapid transformation, as evidenced by the store’s quiet surveillance camera footage. “Are you all right?” Rebecca inquires. What’s going on? “Do you need to sit?” However, the woman shows no emotion at all. 


Finally, Rebecca notices that the mother is shaky, and she is concerned for the child’s safety. She leans over the counter and grabs the kid’s arms, holding on tight while the young mother sways even more. Rebecca removes the infant completely out of the mother’s arms, holding her securely behind the counter, when she receives no response. 


The mother droops against the counter and begins to seize seconds later. Rebecca, astonishingly, tries to hold the lady up with one hand while still holding the child, but she can’t retain her grip. Other customers come to the counter to assist, and as they hold the infant, Rebecca dials 911 and sits with her as she has a severe seizure. 

Paramedics showed up and transported the mother and kid to the hospital, and the young lady returned to the store a few days later to thank Rebecca for rescuing her baby from a potentially fatal fall. 

Each and every individual who watches the dramatic film of Rebecca rushing in to assist hail her as a hero, but she insists she is just an ordinary individual who helps others whenever she can. Her quick thinking and desire to help somebody in need are heroic. 

They’re also a terrific reminder for all of us to always pay attention to the people around us. You simply never realize when you’ll be called upon to save somebody’s life! 

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