I could watch this little cutie running and dancing all day.

It’s amazing to see young animals in their element.

While horses are commonly seen alongside humans, only a few of us have ever seen or worked with foals.

Foals are amazing as they get to act like grown horses just a few days after they’re born. And if you’re curious how they move and develop, Friesian Horses caught one on camera.

Mathilde, Sjirkje’s foal, was only 5 days old when she was let out for the first time.

You can sense her excitement building up as she and her mother walked out of the stables. There was a certain spring in her step and it was clear she was ready to meet the world.

Mathilde also took the time to stop by every horse in the stable as if she was introducing herself to them. The herd was as excited as some of them even followed Mathilde while inside their own enclosures.

At first, Mathilde was uneasy.

It was raining outside and puddles puzzled her. In that short moment, she tried to talk herself into stepping through or jumping over it all together.

Eventually, her handler coaxed her and assured her that she was fine. With renewed confidence, she followed her mother into the arena.

The arena is a roof-enclosed space filled with loose dirt. It was the place where Mathilde experienced how it felt to run wild.

As the mother and daughter were left to discover the place, the two didn’t waste any time.

Sjirkje trotted and galloped, exuding sheer elegance and majesty. She has done this a lot of times before and it was now Mathilde’s time to learn.

The foal followed. And while she lacked rhythm, she made sure that she impressed everyone with speed and stamina.

The owners of the stable shared that extreme caution should be practiced when letting foals out.

Unlike other animals, foals are very independent the moment they get their bearings. Puppies and kittens whimper blindly while rolling on their beddings. Foals, meanwhile, are already bucking and galloping just days after their birth.

Their handlers also shared that there are certain conditions to follow when walking a foal out the first time. They said it was safer in the meadows where the mare would just stop and eat grass.

Without that kind of distraction, however, some mares can buck in the joy which can injure a foal if it stood on the wrong spot.

After getting their stalls cleaned, Mathilde and Sjirkje were led back inside.

The foal walked a bit wobblier than before. Their handlers assured viewers that it was good practice as it can help Mathilde sleep longer and better now that she was tired out.

After a short time of running and playing, she’s back with her mother whom she nursed eagerly. She’ll eventually grow up as a fine horse much like her mom, but for now, she’ll take all the rest she could get.

You can check out their YouTube and Instagram accounts if you want to learn more about these elegant Friesian horses.

Watch how a foal melted hearts when she ran with her mom for the first time.

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