There are a bunch of different things you can do during these trying times. Some of these activities help you; baking bread, learning a language or completing that 1000-piece puzzle that’s been collecting dust since Christmas 2003. Other activities however, can be for other people. One young and talented lad has lent the way of the latter during his Covid lockdown.

Jordan Rabjohn is a singing star using his talent to help lift spirits around the world…but he isn’t doing it alone…

The song Jordan chooses to sing in order to improve the moods of everyone is Andra Day’s “Rise Up”.

The Washington-born artist has found huge success with this inspirational song. So much success, that the music video was directed by none other than The Sixth Sense writer/directer M. Night Shyamalan! It’s powerful, motivating and makes you feel like you can overcome anything. That is precisely why it’s the perfect song to make people feel better during trying times.

But as I said, Jordan is not singing the song solo…

It’s not just any old singer, but Jordan’s own mother! And as you will hear, the apple does not fall far from the tree. And it’s not just me saying that his mother shares the same talent her son has, he says so himself:

“As you may or may not know my Mum is a better singer than me and here’s proof!”

Together, they nail Andra’s song with their incredible voices.

Well, you don’t have to watch these two for very long to see where the talent came from in the family, or where it went for that matter!

Jordan’s voice is pop-star ready.

He has such incredible vocal control. The voice itself…angelic. I’d wager it won’t be long before he sees his name in lights. He’s already locked and loaded in Spotify and Apple Music, and if the nearly one and a half million views this video has is anything to go by, then he may be well on his way already.

Mum on the other hand, is a powerhouse of talent in her own right.

Unlike her son, who has a bright, light pop tone to his voice not unlike the likes of Justin Bieber or Bruno Mars, Mum has a classic, ballad ready voice with huge depth. Her vocal style is absolutely perfect for a heartfelt song like this.

And don’t just take my word for it, other viewers have been just as kind!

It doesn’t take long looking through the video’s comments to see that many people have been touched by this mother/son duet.

“The boy blew me away, but I couldn’t hold back the tears when the mom joined in. Absolutely wrecked me!”-Brian

“Sometimes you don’t realize you need something until it happens. This was magical, profound and just so damn sweet. Thank you both for the uplift!”-tiexgrr

What’s amazing is just how much fun they are both having the video…

…Which makes watching it even more fun, if you can believe it.

And they truly touch the hearts of viewers by letting them know that the video is for them in this trying times.

And they’re not afraid to get serious…

Mum posts a heartfelt message about all the things that she has been missing since the outbreak has forced people to keep their distance from loved ones.

…But that doesn’t stop them from getting silly!

Jordan does not miss his opportunity to make a joke riffing off of Mom’s sign. If they were trying to brighten our days up, I think it’s safe to say they were successful.

Watch the full video below to enjoy this dazzling duet!

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