Mama dogs are known to be fiercely protective of their puppies. They’ll go to great lengths to protect their babies, even sacrificing their own comfort as long as their puppies are safe

This is exactly what this stray mama dog did for her puppies.

She lived in a box under a car with her puppies.

You’ll notice in the video that the weather is cold, and she is snuggling with her babies to keep them as warm as possible.

Fortunately, a man sees them and sets out to rescue them from their unfortunate living conditions.

It’s not easy to approach a dog for the first time, but he took his time to show them that he did not mean any harm.

First, he offered the mama dog some food.

You can imagine that it’s hard for her to leave her pups to look for food for herself.

She started eating and took food straight from his hand, a sign that she was starting to trust him After a while, he tried putting a leash around her, but she was unwilling to wear it and ran out instead.

The man then carefully transferred the puppies from the box to a kennel.

He did it slowly, so their mom knew he wasn’t harming the pups.

Mama dog watched him from afar until he successfully transferred all the puppies. When the man moved away, she went back to check on her babies and make sure they were safe.

After she was satisfied that her pups were fine, she lay down again under the car. The man gently approached her.

After petting her for a while, he finally scooped her up in his arms and brought her to a waiting van.

He carefully transferred the puppies and reunited them with their mom in a bigger kennel. The pups began to nurse again, happy to be with their mom again.

The most remarkable thing about this video is seeing how caring the man is with the dog.

You can see how genuine he is in wanting to help the mama dog and her puppies.

The man is from Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac in Serbia. It is a non-profit, non-governmental rescue organization and the largest no-kill animal shelter in the area.

He brought them to the shelter and ensured they were warm, fed, and comfortable.

The man even kisses the dogs and puppies, making them feel cared for and valued.

As one netizen commented, “This guy is the best. Always so gentle and loving towards the dogs he rescues.”

Another one said, “These amazing acts of kindness give us all hope for humanity. Well done!”

The mama dog and her pups will stay at the shelter in foster care and grow together until they are ready to be adopted.

Thanks to people who genuinely care about abandoned and stray animals, this lucky mama dog will have the chance to live with a loving family and not in a cardboard box.

Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac does amazing work rescuing and fostering abandoned animals. If you can help, please donate on their website.

To see the man rescue this mama dog and her pups, watch the video below.

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