A 17-year-old boy is sharing his story of survival after spending 94 hours trapped in rubble in the wake of the devastating earthquake that rocked Turkey early Monday.

Speaking via FaceTime from his hospital bed in Gaziantep, Turkey, Adnan Muhammet Korkut told ABC News he was asleep in his family’s home when the quake hit, and he then “got into the fetal position.”MORE: How to assist quake victims in Turkey, Syria

While he was trapped, the teenager said he drank his own urine and ate his family’s flowers to survive.

He said he set the alarm on his phone for every 25 minutes so he wouldn’t go to sleep. After two days, the battery went dead.

PHOTO: Adnan Muhammet Korkut, 17, in his hospital bed in Gaziantep, Turkey, after spending 94 hours trapped in the rubble of the earthquake.

As the search for survivors carried on, Korkut said he was “hearing voices, but I was worried they couldn’t hear me.”

Korkut said he was afraid he might get crushed during the rescue efforts.MORE: 10-day-old baby boy rescued from rubble of Turkey earthquake after 90 hours

But after four days, he was finally freed.

“Thank you to the people who came and saved me,” he said.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake has claimed more than 22,000 lives in Turkey and Syria

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