Tammy Slaton has made important strides in her weight loss journey since entering rehab.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive clip of Tuesday’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters, the 36-year-old was with her sisters Amanda and Misty when she learned she dropped over 180 lbs. When Tammy first arrived at the weight loss rehab facility in Ohio, she weighed 717 lbs., bursting into tears after admitting she was “the most I’ve ever weighed.”

“I need to get to 550 lbs. for me to be approved for surgery,” Tammy said in the clip. “Until then, I hate getting on a scale. My worst fear is gaining weight. I don’t want to disappoint my family or myself.”

Tammy stepped on the scale and the doctor revealed she was at 534 lbs.

“B— are you serious,” Amanda exclaimed with a big smile on her face. “For real? Tammy, you see that!”

Misty added that she’s “so stoked” and proud of Tammy for meeting the requirement for surgery. Dr. Eric Smith, Tammy’s bariatric surgeon, told her that if she’s able to hit 550 lbs. she can get the weight loss surgery.

“When I got on the scale and I saw the scale was at 534.7, I kinda stopped breathing for a second,” Tammy said. “I’m like 14 lbs. under my goal weight. From over 700, that’s a huge drop.”

“I did that!” she quipped. “I’m feeling thrilled, proud, excited — just all the emotions. I proved everybody wrong. Everybody that doubted me, I finally got mine! My told-you-so moment!”

After the exciting news, Amanda told Tammy that the next time they see each other, she’ll hopefully be having her surgery. Tammy said she’s excited but also ready to “get it over with.”

1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Reaches Goal Weight for Surgery

“This is what we’ve been waiting for. This is what we’ve been working for,” Amanda said in a confessional. “Tammy’s made the goal weight, it might mean she’s finally gonna have surgery. She’s finally gonna get this and the future looks good.”

“I know there’s several other doctors that she has to get approved from but the way I look at it is, before we can ever go see those people she had to reach that weight loss goal that Dr. Smith had given her and Tammy’s done that,” she continued. “She’s gonna do the damn thing.”

The new episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters airs Tuesday, February 7 on TLC at 9pm ET/PT.

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