Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a thief made off with floral tributes she stole from a child’s grave.

Leanne Slater, 39, stole flowers from Durham Road cemetery in Stockton in June last year, leaving a family ‘heartbroken.’

Grieving mum Donna Dixon, 45, had attended the cemetery earlier that afternoon to honour her son Keiran who died suddenly aged 14 in 2012.

Family and friends visited the grave to mark 10 years since his passing and laid fresh flowers at the site.

However, his loved ones were left devastated when half an hour later they were stolen by Slater.

The Durham Road resident, was found guilty of the theft at a trial at Teesside Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday. A warrant was issued after she failed to attend court.

Speaking after the hearing, Kieran’s mum, Donna, from Stockton, said she was ‘absolutely gutted’ when she realised the flowers had been stolen. She said: ‘It’s appalling to even stoop that low.

Woman caught on CCTV stealing flowers from 14-year-old’s grave

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Slater was seen walking down the road with the bunches of flowers on CCTV

She said: ‘It’s not nice to steal anything but from a cemetery it’s just disgusting. It was such a kick in the teeth the flowers had only been on his garden for half an hour and it was his 10th memorial.

‘He was a popular kid so everyone knew where the flowers had come from so we were just absolutely gutted. It made me sick to my stomach.

‘I understand people have problems but it just leaves you speechless to think people would do that.’

Slater was caught after Keiran’s friend Jessica Hart received a picture of Slater carrying two of the floral tributes she left. She then received CCTV footage of Slater with the items.

In the video, Slater can be seen carrying a bouquet under each arm and travelling away from the scene.

Prosecutor Anne Mitchell said: ‘Enquiries were made and the location of the female was established.

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