You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another. … You shall not cheat your neighbor nor rob him,” Leviticus 19:11, 13.

God’s Eighth Commandment was clear. One should not steal something that belongs to another person.
But, sadly, this is something we see happening very often.

Sometimes it’s pickpockets that will take your wallet without you even realizing it while walking on the street or waiting for the bus.

Other times, it’s burglars that break into houses or shops and steal valuables.

Unfortunately, it’s not a rare phenomenon for thieves to even be violent towards homeowners or shopkeepers in order to steal more money.

Thankfully, not all theft attempts are successful. In some cases, there’s just the right person in the right place at the right time in order to prevent thieves from stealing what they’re after.

Just like what happened recently, when two men tried to steal copper pipes from a Christian center in upstate New York.

Little did they know that a nun would ruin their evil plans and that they would soon be making the news and going viral.

You see, that Saturday, sister Mary Johnice, a nun at the Christian Center, woke up about 7:30 in the morning to the sounds of someone messing with the roof.

Sister Johnice followed the noise and found out where exactly it was coming from.
Two young men had just used a ladder and one of them had climbed on the roof looking for copper pipes, while the other one had already left.

The nun knew she could not let them mess with “God’s property”, so she opened the door and looked around in hopes of stopping the potential thieves.

Indeed, when she spotted the ladder that had led one of them to the roof, she knew what her next step should be.

She pushed the ladder away from the wall, trapping the man on the roof.
Wondering how she found the courage to do so?

“It’s heavy. It was heavy, but I just had strength at that moment,” sister Johnice told Inside Edition. “I was fearless because my adrenaline was going when I saw it and I knew it was wrong — you know — you could feel the evil in it,” the nun told WKBW.

When the man realized what had happened, he had no other choice but to jump off the roof and down to the street and run away.

And so he did. As for sister Mary, she didn’t miss the chance to teach this young man a lesson.

The nun pointed her finger at the man and told him to go away because this was God’s place!

As the nun later explained, they would not have left with anything valuable anyway, because there are no copper pipes on the roof. Their pipes are made of aluminum and they’re only worth pennies.

What a brave woman and what a special story worth sharing!

Watch sister Johnice explain how she thwarted the thieves in the video below!

Watch video here

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