Caring for strays is not the same as caring for pregnant strays. You see, pregnant dogs need to be more closely observed and be taken good care of because of complications that might arise during pregnancy or labor.

Pregnant female dogs need to be given food on a daily basis, as well as they need to be provided with a safe place where they can deliver their babies.

In any case, those who take care of stray dogs who happen to be pregnant need to be extra careful when handling them and be prepared to take them to a veterinary clinic if needed.

Bess the mama dog was taken to an animal center when she was pregnant with 12 puppies.
The staff there was more than happy to help the dog deliver her babies, but soon complications made their appearance.

The animal center staff had to take Bess to the emergency room because one of the puppies had gotten stuck in the birth canal.

“She was in the canal for two-three plus hours, with limited oxygen,” a staff member explained in an interview with The Dodo. “When she was first born they were concerned about her.”

Indeed, that one was the smallest of all puppies and the one running the risk of being compromised because of her being so small and weak.

The clinic team put a pink bow around her neck to make sure they could tell her apart and observe her closely. They needed to make sure she ate as much as she needed to gain more weight and to strengthen up.

The doctors, sadly, had more sad news to share with the center staff.

Because of the puppies being so many, it was likely that not all of them were going to make it.

For Tracey Stewart, this was not an option. She knew she wouldn’t let any of those puppies die.

So, she took all of them home, along with their mom, in hopes to help them all get stronger and have a better chance to survive.

Obviously, she had to arrange her home according to the dogs’ needs. She used a playpen and she also used all the help she could in order to make sure that someone would be with the mama dog and her puppies at all times to keep an eye on them.

Indeed, a while later, the puppies were all ready to be adopted.
Months later, when all of the dogs had found their forever homes, it was time for Bess to be reunited with her pups.

Many of the owners were doubting that they would recognize each other, but they clearly did. Both the siblings and, of course, they knew when their mama was approaching.

Once reaching the place where all the pups had gathered, Bess couldn’t stop herself from leaping up and trying to go say hello to all her babies.
The pups, too, were more than excited to be seeing their mom again.

It was such a heart-melting moment.

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