The “What’s Love Got to Do With It” singer’s son Ronnie di-ed this week, his wife, Afida, announced on Instagram. He was 62.

“My god Ronnie turner a true angel hiuge [sic] soul highly spiritual my husband my best friend my baby iyour [sic] mummy your nurse i did the best to the end this time i was no [sic] able to save you love u for this 17 years this is very very very bad i am very mad 😡,” Afida captioned a carousel of photos of her late husband.

“This is a trag-edy u with your brother craig and your father ike turner and aline rest in paradise 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤😭😭💔💔 so unfair.”

Law enfor-cement sources told TMZ they received an emer-gency call from someone claiming Ronnie was strug-gling to breathe. Minutes later, Ronnie stopped breathing altogether.

Paramedics attempted CPR to no avail, and Ronnie was pronounced de-ad at the scene.

A rep for Turner, 83, didn’t immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

While it’s unknown what caused Ronnie’s untimely de-ath, he had battled various health iss-ues in recent years, including can-cer.

Turner is a mother to four children. Her eldest, Craig, died by su-icde via self-inflicted guns-hot w0und in July 2018 at age 59.

“I think Craig was lonely, that’s what I think really got him more than anything else,” Turner told Gayle King in an interview a year later. “I have pictures all around of him smiling, and I think I’m sensing that he’s in a good place. I really do.”

Craig was born when Turner was 18 years old. Her second husband, Ike Turner, adopted him when they got together. His biological father, Raymond Hill, played saxophone for the band Kings of Rhythm.

The “Best” songstress later told the “New York Times” that she lived a “ter-rible life” in light of all the abuse she faced in Ike’s hands, as well as the il-lnesses she bat-tled.

“I had a te-rrible life,” she shared. “I just kept going. You just keep going, and you hope that something will come.”

Gesturing to her extravagant home in Switzerland, Chateau Algonquin, she added, “This came.”

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