When he realized what was happening, he was completely overwhelmed.
Texas resident Justin Rozier was only 9 months old when his father Jonathan Rozier passed while serving overseas.
Boy loses soldier father to war but 15 years later he sees dad’s car pulling up to the house.Johnathan had been serving as a First Lieutenant in the Iraq war.
Only twelve hours before his passing, he had been talking to his wife Jessica, receiving updates on his baby boy that he had only briefly met.

The man’s passing was obviously hard on Justin’s mother, Jessica Johns.

Her husband had faced an untimely passing while their son was less than a year old.
Now that Johnathan had passed, she would have to raise Justin on her own.

As can be imagined, at one point, the family’s financial situation grew tight.

Jessica strenuously balanced her budget, but there was only one real way to reduce their costs.

Jessica would have to sell her late husband’s beloved 1999 Toyota Celica convertible.

No one was driving the car, and they really couldn’t afford the loan.

When Jessica finally made the decision to sell the car, though, she never expected it would find its way back.
Years later, as Justin was approaching his fifteenth birthday, Jessica came across his father’s old registration for the car.

Seeing the old memento brought back memories, and she came up with a crazy idea.

What if she could manage to track the Toyota Celica down?
Maybe she could buy it for her teenage son’s sixteenth birthday in honor of his Dad.

“I wondered if this car is still out there,” Jessica told NBC News.

“I was thinking would go on a years-long search to find this car.”

The more the idea circulated in Jessica’s mind, the more she realized that, if she could pull it off, it would be the ultimate surprise.

Not knowing where to begin her hunt, she turned to social media for help.
In a Facebook post, Jessica issued a plea: “Can someone please help me find this car? It’s a 1999 Toyota Celica.”

Watch his face when he sees his dad’s car driving up in the video below!

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