Music is a powerful healer for both physical and emotional pain. A single song or performance can change our entire mood in no time. This senior has gone viral for uplifting countless strangers through her musical ability.

Natalie grew up in Melbourne, Australia with a deep passion for music. It was her love for this art form that helped her survive the tough years she experienced.

Outside of the normal heartaches everyone must deal with throughout life, Natalie also had to cope with her husband leaving her. She lost two children, and was even homeless at one point.

Recently, she’s shown the world that a tough life or lack of money does not mean one cannot become an accomplished piano player. At 80, she’s impressing thousands!

Natalie’s son, Matthew Trayling, recently shared a video of his mother online. In the video, Natalie sits at a piano by the side of the road and begins a slow melody that increases in complexity and pace quite quickly.

Natalie gracefully moves her hands across the keys as cars pass on the busy road behind her. At the end of the video, the viewer can see that a large crowd of people have been standing in front of her performance the entire time.

The video has now amassed over a million views on Youtube. Natalie’s pain and passion can be felt through her performance, which you can watch below.

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