This is our house, where my mother and I lived, my father died long ago, and I vaguely remember it… There are familiar walls, half-ruined stairs, and a shabby bench.

My mother comes from afar with buckets full of water in her hands. I run toward him.

“Mom, can I help you?” I hold out my hand.

“No, son, it’s hard, you’re still young,” my mother said.

I was nine years old. My mother was carrying heavy buckets and I was following her We came home Mom put the buckets on the ground.

  • Mama, I’m hungry.

I’ll give you something to eat.

She opened the fridge, got an egg, and I asked Mama.

  • Mom, what about you? – she answered.
  • I’m not hungry, son, eat.

I realize now that we only had that one egg that day… I remember one day when I was already twenty-three years old, I came home with my girlfriend, I slowly opened the door and we went into the house, my mom was sitting by the window.

  • Mom, meet my girlfriend Ann,” Ann smiled.
  • He’s from our neighboring village,” I said.

Mom looked at Ann and said.

  • I’m happy, dear girl.

Ann and I were married and about to leave my mother’s house. The suitcases were in front of the door, we were packing, and my mother watched in silence.

  • That’s it, it’s all ready,” I said.

“Yes, now we can go, the car is here,” Anna said, looking out the window.

Mother looked at us sadly.

“Well, Mother, we must go now, the village where we will live is not far away, and we will visit you often,” I said.

“Yes, that’s true,” Ann confirmed. We hugged, my mother was silent, but I could see the sadness in her eyes. We went out to the yard and went to the car, Mom was standing by the door. I waved to her. and she answered with a smile and the car started. My mom stood looking behind us…

I already have two kids, a boy, and a girl. Seven years since we left, we rarely visit my mother. We live a hard life,” Anna often convinces me.
“Armand, we can’t live like this. Let’s sell our house and your mother’s house and go to Moscow. Let my mother stay in a nursing home until my condition improves.”

  • I will talk to my mother,” I finally said.

I told my mother about our intentions, took a long time to get to the bottom of it, I can not tell you what I felt at the moment when I said the word … Then Mom was silent for a moment. …

“If it’s good for you, I agree,” my mother said.

I said goodbye at the nursing home.

  • ‘Mother, as soon as I get to Moscow, get a job, I’ll take you away from here, and we’ll live together.

He smiled silently as if he guessed that my words would never come true. I walked out of the nursing home and looked out the window, but there was no one at the window, it was empty.
I stood at the window, hoping he would look, but in vain. I left.

We are in Moscow, I seem to have forgotten about my mother, I had no information from her. One day they called from Yerevan and said.

  • Your mother is sick, she wants to see you. I hung up the phone and went silent.

-My mother… I arrived in Yerevan and all the way to the nursing home I said:

  • Forgive me, Mom, please forgive me, wait, I’m coming.

The road seemed so long, it seemed like I would never get there.I finally arrived
panting, I walked into the room where my mother was and…, I was petrified, my heart had stopped
beat, he was dead…, I came closer, took her hand, and kissed her.

  • Mom, Mom, get up, please, Mom, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…
  • I’m old now, I’m here in a nursing home, my children brought me here, and I don’t know where they are now, my wife Anna died a long time ago, I deserve it.

“Good girl, I’m tired of talking,” she said to the nursing home nurse and closed her eyes.

The nurse came out of the room and told another nurse.

  • The old man died.

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