Is there an age limit to adopt a dog, like there is to adopt a child? No, it does not appear so. How lucky for our intrepid Veteran from the US Marine Corps, Annabelle Weiss. Annabelle joined the US Marines when she was 20 years old and became a driver and a plane inspector. After she was discharged in 1946, she moved to New York and became a nurse.

She has always led a very active life. However, the time came when she was not feeling well, plus she had some nagging health problems. The doctor diagnosed Thyroid Cancer. This was quite a blow. It meant the loss of her very independent lifestyle. She lived alone on Long Island, and she started to realize she may need some help.

Then, Annabelle remembered the organization called America’s Vet Dogs, a company that matches service dogs and needy veterans to each other.

This is where she met Joey – a beautiful golden Labrador! She instinctively knew he was the right one for her. Joey is a trained service dog, and he has helped Annabelle in so many ways: if she drops something, Joey picks it up for her. He can open and close doors for her, help her out of a chair and negotiate stairs. She can live life as she used to – shopping, going for a walk, visiting friends, popping out for a snack – as Joey is with her every step of the way as her supporting best friend.

During the mornings, Annabelle gets with a bit of housework, and Joey lazes around dozing. He knows that come the afternoon, they will be off on another adventure, and it will be time for him to kick into work mode! Annabelle has a vest Joey wears whenever he is working, so he knows exactly what happens when during the day.

And now, Annabelle can continue her adventurous life with gorgeous, lovable Joey by her side, people are actually quite amazed that Annabelle drives anywhere at her age, but she soon tells them that she used to drive her Colonel around during the war!

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