‘Matlock’ was a famous show starring Andy Griffith. The show also welcomed guest stars over the episodes. Andy welcomed country star Randy Travis to perform a few songs together.

Randy and Andy sit on an old couch in the family room. Randy wears a dark shirt and plays his acoustic guitar, and Andy wears a plaid shirt and plays the ukulele.

Each star takes a performance singing refrain, and they meet up together as one on the tune’s ensemble, singing, ‘And commitment me that you’ll be never, be no one’s dear but mine.’

‘Matlock’ was a legitimate show series that ran from 1986 through 1995 among NBC and ABC. The show contained emotional court scenes including ‘Ben Matlock’ played by amazing Andy Griffith.

On the off chance that you watched the show during the 80s and 90s, you’d recollect Matlock’s affection for wieners and his old Ford Crown Victoria. Andy made the person significant directly down to his all-dark suit.

Randy Travis talked about his time shooting the ‘Matlock’ episodes. He said, “He (Andy) had a little hand tailored guitar, and I was respecting that on our last time cooperating. I was respecting that guitar, two or after three days, he had one there and came to the set and gave it to me.”

The guitar Andy Griffith gave the down home music star turned into a cherished belonging. Randy said, “It’s brilliant. It’s sitting in the house at this moment, and I get it and play it pretty frequently.” The two men treasured their time together shooting the famous TV show.

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