On a winter evening, the forester Stepan heard sounds under the wall and went out on the edge of the cabin and saw a slim wolf. He thought for some time but still brought her some frozen meat on the grounds that the woodland was strangely unfilled in winter and it turned out to be truly challenging to track down nourishment for the creatures.

The way of behaving of the creature appeared to be surprising to the forester. Hunters live on their own region, chase there, and seldom emerge to people, with the exception of on account of extreme appetite.

The wolf started to come for food more regularly and local people even started to admonish the forester — nobody needed to see a backwoods creature in the town. But Stepan didn’t focus on them and kept on taking care of the creatures. That’s what he grasped assuming the wolf is eager, it turns out to be more hazardous for the town.

Sooner or later, the wolf’s visits halted. Everybody was cheerful, aside from Stepan — he was at that point used to seeing visitors and, surprisingly, a little exhausted.

Just two months after the fact, the forester heard a recognizable thunder outside the window. The man rushed into the yard and unexpectedly saw that the wolf had brought two additional more youthful individuals from the load with her. The creatures checked out at Stepan peacefully.

Out of nowhere the forester understood that most probable the wolf was taking care of the youthful fledglings with the meat that he had given her throughout the winter. Furthermore, presently the entire pack has moved to another spot and the wolf has come to bid farewell. Stepan was correct — from that point forward, wolves have not been found nearby.

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