A risky woman, obviously. Only one out of every odd woman with such a determination would choose to give birth to three children. Presently the unfortunate ones will deal with similar issues as their mother.

Meet Charlie. The level of this woman is just 127 cm. in spite of her idiosyncrasy, Charlie figured out how to observe a perfect partner and turned into a mother of awesome children.

Charlie’s significant other is just 10 cm taller than his better half and 11 years more seasoned than the divinely selected individual. The organization is ardently examining the photos of the couple. «Very lovely couple. Children are so wonderful», «Great family», «Happiness to you»,

«How great it is that you didn’t hold back and gave the children life», «I don’t figure out her. She knew what she was getting into,» «Did you wish your children a similar destiny? You have gone through this, why subject them to such tests, «I read in the remarks.

What do you say? What is your opinion about such couples?

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