After two sons refused to visit their mother even after repeated requests, she decided to leave her inheritance to the little boy next door instead.

Elsa spent most of her years raising her two sons alone, working very hard to feed them and pay for their education. When she got older and started experiencing health problems, her children stopped visiting her or even checking on her despite all of them living in the same city.

Although Elsa worked several jobs for decades in order to feed her children, she only started to feel the effects when she started getting older. Her mobility was affected by the rigorous work she used to do, and she ended up bound in a wheelchair.

When her two sons, Matt and Gabriel, graduated college, they both got hired by good companies. They never moved away from their town but they decided not to live in the same community as their mom.

Soon, they started to have their own families, then stopped visiting their mother completely. Instead, they hired a nurse for her who would come several times a week to help her with tasks.

Through the years, Elsa only longed to be in the company of her sons and her grandchildren. However, every time she’d call them, it’d be the same conversation:

“When are you coming to visit me, son?” she’d ask.

“Not anytime soon, mom. I’ve got a work trip soon and the kids are busy with school,” they’d reply.

Elsa got so used to the words “not anytime soon” that even before her sons would respond to her question, she already expected the answer. Instead of sulking at home, she would spend the afternoons outside in her yard. She would watch the children play on the street, and exchange stories with her neighbors.

Sometimes, if she felt like it, Elsa would also bake cakes and pies which she would share with them. The children would rush to her yard to get a slice of “Grandma Elsa’s” delicious cakes.

Elsa would bake cakes for her neighbors. | Photo: Pexels

“It’s my lucky day!” the kids would exclaim. They would line up to get a slice, and Elsa was happy to oblige.

“There, there. I baked enough for everybody so there’s no need to rush,” she would say with a smile on her face as she sliced through the cake.

“We’re the luckiest neighbors in the world! Thank you, Grandma Elsa!”

One day, a snowstorm hit Austin in the middle of winter. No one dared to go out, and they stocked up on necessities. The neighbors made sure Elsa was fully stocked, so she stayed at home and braved the storm alone.

After the storm, Elsa’s nurse came in to check on her. “How are you doing?” she asked as soon as she got in.

“I’m doing fine, sweetheart, don’t worry,” she assured the nurse who was worried about her being alone.

“Your fence didn’t make it, unfortunately. That snowstorm was pretty bad,” the nurse said, pushing Elsa’s wheelchair towards the window where her fence fell over.

A snowstorm hit town, and Elsa’s fence fell down. | Photo: Pexels

“That’s too bad. I’m going to call my sons to fix it. They should be able to do it,” she said confidently.

She proceeded to call her sons one by one. “Hi, Matt. I hope you weren’t too hit by the snowstorm,” she started to say.

“Of course, we were, mom. The entire Austin was hit,” Matt responded. “I’m taking the family to Miami for a week to get them away from this snow,” he said.

“Oh, okay. Well, you enjoy yourselves,” Elsa said. At that, Matt hung up. She then proceeded to call Gabriel, hoping he could come to fix her fence.

“Hi, Gabriel. How are you?” she asked him.

“Fine, mom. I’m on the way to the airport with the kids. The snow in Austin is terrible. I’ve decided to take them someplace else,” he said.

“Oh. Are you going with Matt?” she asked.

“Yep. I gotta go, mom, take care,” Gabriel said before hanging up.

Elsa felt hurt and defeated. She couldn’t understand why her children couldn’t spare a couple of minutes to talk to her, all the more visit her at home.

Elsa was heartbroken after being rejected by her sons. | Photo: Pexels

The weekend came, and she was alone at home when the doorbell suddenly rang. She smiled, hoping maybe Gabriel and Matt changed their minds. When she opened it, she was surprised to see Ben, a six-year-old who used to be her neighbor.

“Oh my goodness, Ben! What are you doing here?” she asked, embracing him. Six months ago, Ben and his parents moved to a different city.

“Happy Birthday, Grandma Elsa!” he said, carrying a small cake in his hands.

“Oh dear! I forgot it was my birthday!” she said, surprised. It was true. She had forgotten about her birthday, and now that the little boy was here, she couldn’t help but feel touched that someone didn’t.

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