Parents are the most precious and important person in every child’s life. Children spend a lot of time with their mother because mostly the mother deals with children, but they so much need the father’s participation in their lives, his friendship, care and protection. We present to your attention a number of articles entitled ” Dad, you’re not Mom. “where we will try to reveal the role of the father in the upbringing of the child, the communication of the father with the child, the relationship of the man with the child with the daughter, the son.

It can be said that the belief that a child’s wrist is only a mother’s problem is very stereotypical. However, children acquire many qualities and traits of character, imitating it from their father. Seven out of ten people believe that the mother and father are equally responsible for the upbringing of the child. However, fathers spend less time with the child according to the average widget data. But it has long been known that children who grew up without a father study much worse than if they had one, such children are more likely to commit crimes. After all, every child needs harmonious development, which can be achieved only in the presence of two parents. The mother gives the child tenderness and affection, the father gives protection and confidence.

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