Dance performances can be nerve-wracking for little young ladies. But for North Carolina’s Joanna Colon, that is most certainly not the situation!

Joanna was important for a triplet that strolled the stage in a pink and dark bathing suit matched with a valuable spotted tutu. Father shot and we’re so happy he did! Joanna’s show program certainly demanded a ton of regard from all the crowd.

The group couldn’t resist the urge to chuckle, cheering and commending as the young lady radiated in front of an audience. Her colorful hand movements, brassy head gestures, blame shifting, and energetic movements made her stick out.

Elissa’s mother said her girl was continually practicing the daily schedule at home, which offered Elissa the chance to enlighten her little girl concerning the unbelievable Aretha Franklin.

It’s much more clever when Joanna begins lip-adjusting while at the same time moving. She lifts her hands and shakes her head.

Then, at that point, as she moves to and fro, applauding, Joanna sinks into the daily schedule.

At the end, she hits her last posture and the group is lost in giggling. She winds up getting an overwhelming applause from a horde of 400 people.

Joanna was six years of age when she played out the number, but she had been moving since she was two. Her dedication is plainly displayed in the video below. She’s so amusing to watch!

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