On The Voice Kids, when Lara walked the stage to perform her cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off,” she looked relaxed. But as soon as the judges turned in their chairs, the little girl started crying.

Fans of the program will also tell you that it’s emotional to watch the judges press the big red button and spin around.

Although she is only eleven years old, this vocalist from the Czech Republic has a personality that captures the whole world. Lara came out in leather and got the crowd going with her energetic performance.

Taylor Swift wrote the song as a response to her critics.
Swift even added, “I’ve learned a really difficult lesson that people can say anything they want about us at any moment, and we cannot control it. We are only in charge of how we respond to it.”

Then, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Swift said, “Everything about my life has been examined: my choices, actions, words, body, style, and music. When your life is constantly being monitored, you have two choices: either you let it ruin you, or you learn to dodge criticisms skillfully. And I suppose that’s how I handle things—by shaking it off.”

Even if you don’t understand the words, you’d still bob your head along to the tune since it is such a great dance-pop song.

With confidence like that, Little Lara definitely doesn’t need the song’s message in her life just yet; nevertheless, haters and keyboard warriors will invariably find ways to get to her if she continues to sing this well. But simply shaking them off will do the trick. And the judges were dancing in their chairs!

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