There is truly something magical about Christmas and one of the best things about it is easily the music!
Whether you believe in playing it before or after Thanksgiving, there are so many beautiful songs to choose from!

There is a lot of debate around the appropriate time to play Christmas music, but that’s not what we are here to talk about today!

Today, we are going to talk about how AMAZING Jonathan Antoine’s performance was for a Christmas classic.

Regardless of when Christmas music plays in your home, this song needs to be on your playlist!

Jonathan Antoine is a tenor that first rose to fame on Britain’s Got Talent.

“Jonathan Frederick Antoine is an English classically-trained tenor. He rose to fame after appearing on the sixth series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2012 as half of the classical duo Jonathan and Charlotte.” – Jonathan Antoine Music

Since performing on BGT, he has released his own music and done covers that are simply beautiful.

As Christmas approaches, he has started to release YouTube videos and one of his most popular is a classic – O Holy Night.

The song starts with a piano player gently playing… and Antoine in a crazy blue robe?

You have to have some theatricality, right?

When he starts singing, however, it makes sense.

The robe just seems to fit the vibes.

He has a deep, yet clear voice that he has perfect control of.

We all know the song, yet it still manages to give chills.

Sometimes, just a piano and a sweeping, majestic voice are all you need to make a performance truly wonderful. Surely, this is an example of that.

As a tenor, Antoine fits a special niche.

Tenor-style voices are higher than Baritone, but have a clarity that is nearly unmatched!

Tenors are known for being the highest “chest voice” for men, meaning he sings from a deep place inside his chest while also having the clarity of singing in a higher key.

Ultimately, it means he sounds rich but you can totally understand what he’s singing.

The song continued as everyone waited for THE moment.

In the song O Holy Night, there is the final part near the end where the singer can really let loose.

For this song, it came around the 3:35 mark and it is truly everything you hope it will be!

As Antoine raises his hands in the air with his final notes, you get a sense of the grandeur of it all.

Finishing with a flourish, Antoine and his piano player close out a Christmas classic.

It’s just in time, too! We can all listen to his songs as he releases them on YouTube, especially as Christmas gets closer.

Can’t you imagine? Sitting by a fire, drinking a hot drink, listening to a sweeping voice sing a song written in 1847 that is still played to this day!

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