I have been married for 5 years now. In the beginning everything was very good and I couldn’t even imagine that I would face such a problem. From the beginning we lived with my husband’s parents, there were no problems. Yes, I always wanted to live separately, but opportunities did not allow and since we did not have any problems, everything was fine and I did not dwell on it.

It all started when my husband had been coming home very late for a few months now. He wouldn’t return my calls, he wouldn’t even let me ask questions. I decided that I should talk to my husband’s parents to find out what was going on with my husband. My mother-in-law responded to my concern by saying, “Dear girl, a man can be late, the more you think about it, the less likely he is to come at all.”

I was shocked by these words. But the problem here was not that I thought he had a mistress. I was 99% sure that the problem was something else. I did a lot of searching, digging, swearing.
It turned out to be a lot simpler than that.
It turns out that my husband gambles at the casino, and all this was hidden from me, so I did not divorce. I really love my husband, and he loves me too, and I want you to help me and advise me what to do.

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