Stoyan and Dessy are an incredible Bulgarian pair. They spend a lot of time in their area hunting for stray cats and want to one day create a shelter so that they may expand their care program.

They pay for everything for the cats out of their own wallets or with contributions from their YouTube viewers.

They came discovered an elderly stray cat that was in horrible shape and seemed to be hungry in this video, so they started throwing food out for him. He’s bored of being with people, but they continue, even finding an old container with a blanket inside for him to sleep in.

Someone had taken his “container home” the next time they saw him, so they decided it’s time to get him off the streets and take him to the vet.

They needed to give him a wash once they got home, which was no easy task with a feral cat. They took care of it using safe gloves and a heater near his box to keep him warm.

They prepared him some food loaded with medicines from the vet since the heat appeared to relax him; he had probably never been this warm in his life.

They built up a “Happy Cats Room” with contributions from kind people, and the elderly guy would spend time there until he became used to human companionship. He quickly found a comfortable bed and fell asleep.

Take a look at the video to see how far he has come:

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