All the elements were right. The soft glow of the sun hanging low and dipping into the ocean.

The warm breeze blowing through a promenade where the people of Portugal spend time with nature and each other.
People enjoying the sunset with the ones they hold dear as romantic music floated through the air. TikToker Erika couldn’t help falling in love… or crying.

It was the “cutest f*cking thing” she had ever seen. And it couldn’t help but tug at her heartstrings.

Erika, a pleasure and confidence coach for business owners, was visiting Portugal when she spotted a man holding his dog and watching the sunset.

Erika was brought to tears over the beauty of the loving moment, which she recorded and posted on TikTok.

The video starts with a view of Erika wiping away the tears streaming down her face.
“I can’t!” she says before turning the video around to show a man and what looks like a Golden Retriever sitting on a bench overlooking the beach. “Crying, crying, crying.”

The man inches closer to his dog as they look at the waves while a band playing the song “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” made famous by Elvis, can be heard in the background. The camera then shows the man with his arm around his dog.

He holds his dog, who is wagging his tail happily, close as they observe the sunset together.

According to Yahoo, Erika spoke to a student who claimed that the man was her old music teacher.

She sent the video to him and reported that he was “super grateful and super happy” the moment was caught and posted online.

He was very glad to see “everyone enjoying the moment.” Erika says that the dog is a senior dog that goes “everywhere” with her owner.

The video ends with Erika commenting how she “hates this world” but that this moment was “special.”

It’s sometimes hard to see the beauty in our world when we look at the news, media, and social media, which profit from spreading negativity.
But maybe that picture of the world isn’t exactly real. Or maybe it’s only telling a small part of the story here on Earth.

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