I love my grandson very much, I take him with me wherever I go, like he’s a part of me. Yesterday I thought I needed to go shopping and I took my grandson with me. I put on my coat and we left the house.

We did our shopping and wanted to pay and I realized I left my wallet at home. I left the child by the things and came home to get the money. I saw my friend’s car parked in front of our house, I thought I would ask him to take me to the store and I would not have to walk.

I went home to get the money. When I open the door of the house, what I see is that, I forget about both the shopping and the baby. My friend was standing there hugging my daughter-in-law.

My daughter-in-law said it wasn’t what I thought it was. I didn’t want to listen to them and kicked them both out.

By Admin