I am not young, but my husband and I have decided to have our third child. We have two older girls, really, we are very happy with them but have decided we need a third child. I am already 7 months pregnant and we are about to have our third child. We are doubly happy because we are having a son.

Friends and acquaintances who found out I was having my third child were very surprised because my daughters are very big. Some of them reacted very well and positively, some negatively. What really upset me was what one of my in-laws said when she found out we were having a baby. She said very rudely.

She said you should already have grandchildren and you have a new baby. you are going to be a grandparent to that baby.

I did not expect such a vulgar and rude reaction. I was very offended, even though I did not agree with this woman, but it affected me anyway.

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