I am a girl from a poor family. My brother and I were in school when our father died in an accident. Our mother took care of us and brought us up with great difficulty.

My brother and I, unlike our peers, were deprived of many things because there was no finance in our house.

Once I met a man who was 20 years older than me. He liked me, I thought I also liked him.

We decided to get married. He was a rich man and all around him were rich people. My mother and brother were against the marriage, but I did not listen to them.

It seemed to me that everything would be fine and that I would also be able to help my brother and mother.

The expectations that I had vanished on the day of the wedding.
During the ceremony, the guests from the groom’s side treated my brother and mother condescendingly. Then I noticed that they were making fun of their clothes and behavior, and the most shocking thing was my husband’s behavior, he also joined them.

At that moment, I realized what was waiting for me, how me and my family would be treated by these rich people.

In the heat of the party, I demanded silence and announced that the wedding was being cancelled, I also mentioned the reason that angered me, took off my ring and left the hall with my mother and my brother.

There was a lot of noise after my act, but I didn’t care. For me, the most important people in this life are my mother and brother, and whoever offends them will deal with me.

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