I had been in a relationship with a girl for several months and there was no way I would refuse her. I was walking to her house independently of me, dialing his phone number with my hands.

My wife is also pregnant and she realized very well that there is someone in my life, she kept asking questions, but I avoided those questions as well.

That day, when I was with that girl, my phone was left aside, I received 30 calls from my wife’s number and I didn’t even see it. Before I picked it up, I called back and found out that she was in the hospital.

Mywife felt bad at home, she called me, but I didn’t hear, then she called an ambulance, they took her to the hospital. Fortunately, she and the child are fine, nothing serious happened, otherwise I would not forgive myself in whole life.

After this I decided to broke up with that girl and be with me lovely wife and newborn child.

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