My mother was very caring and kind. Noone has her kindness, and the problem here was not his kind type of person. It’s just that she registered on social networks and anywhere we went, she forced me to take a picture so that she could post it on social networks and then show it to her girlfriends, saying that ”he is my son and he is not married”.

I was already tired of the same story. Every time during wedding or birthday ceremonies, she forced to take pictures. But this time everything went completely different.

My mother forced me to take a picture, I didn’t agree, we fought, but then she came, sat next to me, and said, “It can be the last picture, take it.”

And so it happened. A few days later, she passed away, leaving me with big stress.

Now I look at this picture and say: “Dear mom, if I knew it could be the last picture, how could I not agree, I’m sorry.”

Love and protect your parents. Tomorrow may be too late.

By Admin