Truly a miracle! A 10-year-old girl from Missouri named Miracle Moore jumped to the rescue when her mom went into labor three weeks early on Oct. 23 at home.

North County Fire & Rescue in Jennings praised their “local hero” on their Facebook page for dialing 9-1-1, describing the “amazing, wonderful, feel-good” story of her bravery.

Through the help of “calm, cool, and collected” dispatcher Scott Stranghoener, Miracle was able to assist and coach her mom Viola Fair, 30, to safely deliver her new baby sister, Jayla, according to the post. Miracle also has a younger sister, Taylor.

“Miracle followed all of the instructions given to her over the phone, and when mom didn’t cooperate, she broke out her own ‘mom voice,'” the NCFR said.

Missouri’s KSDK News and the Today show revealed further details of the delivery, including audio of the 9-1-1 call.

“Hi, I think my mom is in labor,” the fourth grader told dispatcher Stranghoener in the 11-minute recorded call of following careful instruction to tell her mother. “Don’t sit on the toilet” she commanded and “Mama, they said lay on your back in the center of the bed or on the floor.”

When Stranghoener told Miracle that she was going to help her mom deliver the baby, she said, “Huh?” then proceeded to follow more careful orders. “It’s OK, Mama, it’s OK!” she cried, soothing her mother, then “She’s out! She’s out!”

When baby Jayla arrived, “Miracle was there with a towel to wipe off her face and to help stimulate her to cry and keep her warm until paramedics arrived,” NCFR shared of the successful “miracle” delivery, adding that paramedics helped take over and brought mom and baby right to the hospital “safe and sound.”

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