We are all probably aware of the fact that sugar tastes good. But sugar is actually an incredibly versatile ingredient, and it doesn’t have to be confined to the kitchen. From adding flavor to sweets and drinks to being useful for household tasks, this sweet carb has a way of making it to the spotlight.

We at Bright Side want to introduce you to simple ways you can use sugar as a material, rather than an ingredient, on a daily basis.

  1. Soothe bug bites and bee stings.
    Sugar can drag out all of the toxins from both bug bites and bee stings. Simply rub some sugar on the itchy part of your skin, then wash it off after approximately 5 minutes. This can help slow down the swelling and prevent itching.
  2. Remove stains.
    If you were recently mowing the lawn and caught a grass stain, you can use sugar to remove it from your clothes. Mix warm water and sugar together until it becomes paste-like. Rub this paste over the stain and let it stay there for about one hour. Once it’s ready, wash it off with your favorite detergent.

You can also remove coffee and tea stains from mugs using this remedy. Simply put 1 tablespoon of sugar in your mug, then take a cloth and dampen it with hot water to remove your mug stain, and watch it shine brighter than a diamond.

  1. Get rid of grease on your hands.
    Add 1 tablespoon of crystallized sugar to water in order to get a paste that can remove grease from your hands. However, before you wash it off, use a toothbrush to scrub off the mixture from your hands. After that, wash your hands with soap and water.

Liquid dish soap and two spoons of sugar works really well. I used to bite my nails and all the Gojo/Fast Orange stuff wouldn’t rinse fully and it would get on my tongue so I’m adverse to it to this day. — athwolf / reddit

  1. Get rid of smelly odors on your hands.
    If you’ve recently cut onions while cooking or held a raw fish that you chopped up for dinner, your hands may have an unpleasant smell that you want to get rid of. Simply put 1 tablespoon of sugar in your hands, wet it with 1 tablespoon of soap, and rub your hands together as if you were just washing them. After that, rinse your hands with water, and you’re ready to serve dinner!

Bees usually have the tendency to invite themselves to family picnics or outside settings. You can make a trap to keep them at bay by filling a plastic yogurt container with water and adding sugar inside it. Then, after making a few holes in the lid, the bees will sense the smell of sugar and fly toward that instead.

  1. Relieve the pain of a burnt tongue.

Sugar can be a great pain-reliever remedy when you’ve chewed on something too hot, leaving your tongue burned. Pour some sugar on your burned tongue, leave it there to dissolve, and you will likely feel the magic happen almost instantly. However, try not to take in too much sugar, as it isn’t so good for your teeth.

  1. It can reduce pain before an injection.

Babies who are up to 12 months old can be given half a teaspoon of sugary substances to reduce crying and prevent pain after immunization. They might not react as badly in contrast to babies who didn’t take any sugar. However, make sure to give them a small amount of sugar 2 minutes before the first injection, and then some more tiny drops before every needle prick to prevent damage to their sweet little teeth.

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