Alicia’s response to the continued disapproval wasn’t to concede to the
demands; she realized that it’s better to take time off and focus on other
interests than subject yourself to the pain and the shame. She told Vanity
Fair in 2018 that she chose to say ‘Hell No!’ to the body-shaming and took a
step back of her own volition. “I had no interest in being famous or
maintaining any kind of fame,” she saidThe 44-year-old didn’t exactly retire, but she became more selective about
her work. She just didn’t want to be in a toxic mind-frame moving forward.
Upon her wedding to musician Christopher Jarecki on June 11, 2005, Alicia
discovered her passion for activism, veganism, and theatre. She finally
understood that acting wasn’t the be-all and end-all; there were far
worthier areas in life that deserved her attention.
Over the years, the actress has undertaken several initiatives to raise
awareness about animal cruelty and unhealthy agricultural practices. She
works hard to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and is enthusiastic about her
organic backyard garden. She’s even written two vegan cookbooks along
the way, The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama. These things might seem a
long way away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, but as long as they
brought joy to Alicia’s life, the decision was 100% worth it.
Alicia eventually rediscovered her passion for acting, but through theatre.
The Guardian article reveals that a role in the 2007 play Boston Marriage
sparked a little something in her, and she decided that she would give
acting another go after all. Yet, she didn’t want a Part 2 of the first ordeal;
she tried to carve out a place in the industry on her own terms.
My body was just like, this is what I’m meant to do, I love it so much, I need
to find a way to do both, to be able to be an actress and be an activist at the
same time so that’s what I did.
Alicia continues to live out her dreams on stage, but she’s also found room
for acting, activism, and sacred hobbies. Balance is the name of the game,
and she knows all too well as a working mother how to make it work.
Longtime fans of the actress will rest knowing that she has many projects
in the works.
She had two releases in 2020, Bad Therapy and Sister of the Groom, one of
which she executively produced. She has two more projects coming up in
2021 —SHTF and The Requin, not to mention her sweet, supporting turn as
Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer on Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club. But it’s the
theatre that drives her day in, day out. “I hope to be doing theatre until I’m
dead,” she said.

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